Parcel And Baggage Sortation Systems

Keymas has developed a variety of baggage sortation systems over the years. A number of airports have invested in our technologically advanced overhead conveyor systems. Our fully integrated system management applications have exceeded their luggage transportation needs.

The Keymas team have worked hard to develop a set of parcel sortation systems. A mixture of conveyor and luggage handling applications are used in the implementation of international requirements for dependable rapid parcel sorting.

We design uncomplicated conveyors for small organisations, as well as full manufacturing facilities for multinational companies. The feedback which we have received is very encouraging. Some business owners have been astounded by the helpfulness of our staff and the reliability of our overhead and garments conveyor systems.

Keymas provide complete design services and have a wealth of knowledge about the industry. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t make us your first choice sortation systems provider.

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